Diagnosing tension

Releasing tension

Freeing the voice

Covent Garden | West London Studio

A one day, practical course hosted by King Vocal Diagnostics exploring Myofascial Release, Vocal Massage and how these manual treatments relate to the singing voice. The content will be delivered by Stephen King and Suzy White from Enlight Physiotherapy and Myofascial Release.


Fascia and Myofascial Release?

On this workshop, you will leave with a practical understanding of what FASCIA is and why it’s becoming the buzzword  in manual therapy treatments across the globe, and why VOCAL MASSAGE has been a staple component of the professional voice user for the past 20 years.

Time: 10 - 5:30

Where: The Urdang Academy, The Old Finsbury Town Hall (Nearest tube station, Angel - Northern Line)

When: Sunday, October 7th 2018

Plan for the day…


The day will begin with an ‘UNWINDING’ workshop which is a principle of myofascial release treatment. UNWINDING seeks to relax and allow the body to let go of unnecessary tensions whilst locating areas of the fascia which may need working into. In the session you will learn how the animal kingdom unwinds, and how to unwind by yourself.


After experiencing UNWINDING, we take you on a stroll under the skin with an interactive lecture exploring MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (MFR), with videos/ images of fascia and how fascia moves under us. The beautiful and powerful nature of FASCIA will have you hooked on what MFR is capable of.


After a short break, we’ll explore the efficacy of VOCAL MASSAGE, understanding how posture and ‘the day job’ affect your vocal ability and sustainability. By then end of this session, you will also understand when to recommend someone gets a vocal massage.


In this section, 3 people will be chosen to sing before receiving treatment. (Please bring standard Pop or MT rep with the sheet music formally presented).


3 joint treatments sessions with Suzy White administering MFR, whilst Stephen King conducts VOCAL MASSAGE on the same individual. The individual will sing again to experience the difference in vocal freedom after treatment.

EARLY BIRD PRICE for the workshop day

(expires September 1st): £95.00


FULL PRICE for the workshop day: £125.00


EARLY BIRD PRICE WITH ADDED 1hr FOLLOW UP TREATMENT (with both Suzy and Stephen in Covent Garden): £220.00


FULL PRICE WITH ADDED 1hr FOLLOW UP TREATMENT (with both Suzy and Stephen in Covent Garden): £250.00

Diagnosing tension

Releasing tension

Freeing the voice